10 Tips for Organizing a Small Room

** see below

Many people (myself included) find it difficult to organize in a room that’s slightly lacking in space. Over the years, I’ve tried a lot of different ways to organize, and these are the things that have worked for me!

1. Think geometrically: The first thing to do whenever organizing is to evaluate your space. Look at what you have, and think about what kinds of shapes can fit, and then look for furniture/organizers that will use that space in the best possible way.

2. Utilize wall space: Buy shelves and/or cubbies. Seriously.

3. Buy multi-functional furniture pieces: Try a dresser that’s also a desk, or a bed with storage.

4. Get organizers: Get plastic stackable drawers, bins, attractive storage boxes, and a shoe rack.

5. Hang clothes in a logical order: season, type, or color are possibilities! Just find something you like and stick with it.

6. Use both shelf and floor space in your closet: Put items in boxes or on shelves low to the ground but don’t forget the possibilities that shelves and clothes racks have!

7. Place makeup/beauty/hair items in containers: Find a way that is both easy to access and nice to look at. These small plastic boxes are great for standing items, like mascara and lipstick, while jars or cans are great for brushes and other tall items. Also, find ways to repurpose items. A desktop tray set is great for cosmetic, while an old tin is awesome for hair brushes and handheld mirrors. I use an index card box for small eyeshadow palettes!

8. Use a shelf (wall space!) or the top or a dresser/nightstand instead of a traditional vanity.

9. Shoe boxes are your friend: Odds are you won’t be able to buy enough Ikea boxes to store everything. For stuff that’s out of sight (or not!) try using shoe boxes. If, like me, you tend to put books/magazines on the floor instead of the nightstand try putting them in a shoe box to keep them from sliding everywhere, or place books in shoe boxes and then put them on a cheap wire shelf.

10. Invest in hooks. Place them on the back of your door or in a logical wall space and hang clothes on them if you’re in a rush. It will keep your already small from becoming messy because of one rushed morning.

What are your small-room organizing tips? Let me know in the comments below!

**not my closet, but it was on flickr creative commons and has many of the key elements I mentioned

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