Snowy Velvet

I love dresses.
My mother tells me that when I was a stubborn and headstrong two-year-old, she would pick my clothes out for me, like this lovely ensemble.

(obviously I’m not two here, but you get the idea…)
Apparently I would look at said outfit, stomp my foot, and say “I wanna wear a dwess!” (spelling intended.) Dresses have always been my favorites, even though every time I wear one I end up complaining about having cold legs or not being able to do a cartwheel.
One of main problems in life (aka winter) is trying to find dresses which will not cause me to freeze to death. The long-sleeved ones often look like childish or make me look like a sausage, while short-sleeved just doesn’t cut it.
Thus, I am constantly on the hunt for the perfect winter dress. I may have found a suitable option for the time being.
This dress is crushed velvet, and has short sleeves and a scoopneck. It pairs perfectly with my rabbit-patterned graphic sweatshirt, black stockings, and white Zara boots with a black geometric side panel.





I definitely wanna wear a dwess.

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