Fall is coming…

My Instagram feed is flooded with photos from Teen Vogue’s Back To School Saturday. Radio ads are blaring, proclaiming that “Summer is nearly over, go tanning now!” Stores at the mall have put out sweaters.
Oh no.
It’s that dreaded time in August when you have to go to Walmart and push and shove to find a three-ring binder (and if you don’t have to do that because you are a childless adult who no longer attends school, just remember the days when this was your life. It was rough, wasn’t it.)
As much as going back to school and summer ending makes me sad, I do admittedly love fall fashion. This fall I am planning on wearing lots of boyfriend jeans, patterned sweaters, and these shoes that I found the other day at Goodwill.

They make me really happy. In case you can’t tell, they are gold sequined kitten heels.
I paired them with Delia’s Morgan jeans, a Wet Seal pleather jacket that I also got at the same Goodwill last year, and a Banana Republic blouse. My nail polish is Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear in White on.



You don’t even understand how uncomfortable I am taking OOTD photos outside because I live in a city, and I can’t just go in my nice spacious yard and take these photos. Noooo, I have to go find a wall in some alley that looks grungy but not too nasty, and then I have to hope my neighbors (or anybody really) don’t come outside and see me all alone with my tripod and my camera (at least I have a DSLR now. It was really weird when I had a little point and shoot) and wonder what the hell I’m doing. Today my neighbor drove up and parked and I pretended to be taking photos of the wall, omfg.
Hashtag first world blogger probz

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