How Tumblr Altered Fashion

Tumblr, a microblogging website which allows users to share text, videos, photos, GIFs, quotes, and links, has inspired an entire sub-culture of people who have altered online “fashion.” Tumblr was founded in February 2007 by David Karp, has 110 million registered users, and was recently bought by Yahoo for $1.1 billion. Users can set up a blog, and can post their own material, “reblog” other user’s posts, interact with other users, and the like. On Tumblr one can find blogs devoted to various fandoms, photography, music, poetry, or even fashion. There is an emphasis on being counter-cultural, and there is a lot of teen angst, especially among the Tumblr girls/boys crowd.
If Tumblr is its own giant sub-culture, then “Tumblr girls/boys” are a sub-sub-culture. According to Urban Dictionary, Tumblr girls are;
White hipster girls who post crop pics of themselves showing their tanned midriff posing high waisted short shorts, fringed shirts, and heels (if the picture doesnt stop at their upper thighs). Sometimes a group of friends. They are all generic and are annoying.
For some reason, dumbasses think everyone wants be a Tumblr girl when in reality nobody but hipster blogs gives two shits about them
(These girls are not always Caucasian, but they often are. Stay classy, urban dictionary.)
A more positive definition was;
a tumblr girl has gorgeous, long, flowy sunkissed blonde hair, often braided just so. she has the perfect tan, almost burnt but still golden. she has the perfect body. tones legs and stomach, but not too muscly. cute nose, beautiful eyes, prefect teeth and smile. every teenage girl who’s tumblr active wants to be a tumblr girl. they are instantly reblogged, and admired
These Tumblr girls are usually outfitted in one might call music festival wear, with the high-waisted shorts, “Aztec” print bags, the graphic t-shirts with some slogan like “rebel” written on them, the flower crowns, and dip-dyed hair. They buy clothes online from stores such as Brandy Melville, and they have thousands of followers on their various online accounts. If they’re not wearing music festival-like attire, they are wearing skater dresses with a heart-shape cutout on the back, their long, luscious hair is perfectly curled and is sporting a bow, and they have on strappy wedges. All of these girls own expensive DSLR cameras, and take selfies of themselves holding up pieces of paper with inspirational things like “You are perfect” on them, and photos of their long hair hanging over their crop-top, with their faces not visible.

tumblr_mcko5bLqiu1repf39o1_500 tumblr_mq8u0j0vQh1sye76qo1_500
This style can be seen on virtually all of the Tumblr girls, and considering the number of registered users on Tumblr (110 million), this style of dressing has inspired many young women to dress similarly. There are hundreds of online clothing shops and actual stores which sport clothing designed for the Tumblr girl lifestyle. Walk into a PacSun and you are overwhelmed by the number of crop tops, graphic tees, and high-waisted shorts.
Fashion trends typically come into the market through the “trickle-down” pattern, which is when good and technologies first come into a market at a high price point, and eventually cheaper versions are made and are mass-produced. In fashion, usually a “trend” is seen in couture fashion shows, and then ready-to-wear fashion shows the same trend, and then next thing you know one can go to Forever 21 and buy something that fits the trend. There is also the “trickle-up” fashion, when something becomes popular in “street fashion” and then is seen in higher-end markets, although the trickle-down pattern is more common (in all industries). Tumblr fashion is neither trickle-up nor trickle-down. It is seen online, and in mass-produced fashion, making it a tragically accessible look.
My main problem with the Tumblr girl phenomenon is that there is very little originality among the Tumblr girls. There is no sense of being creative, even though they think they are oh-so-creative and “hipster” (what does that even mean anymore. Like seriously). There is no difference in style of dress, yet they are all Internet famous for their clothes. They are hailed as “bloggers,” but they actually just reblog other people’s posts and post photos of themselves. Those of you reading this, aspire to be like the real bloggers! Be like Jane Aldridge of and be like Leandra Medine of and be like Annie Vazquez of . They all have a very individual style, and that’s what makes them unique. Forget the identical Tumblr girls, and aspire to be fashionable women with your own style, and not just what’s cool.


P.S. this is my 150th post 🙂

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