I have been conspicuously missing from your lives for about a month now, and I feel quite terrible about it. I was expecting my summer to be all la-di-da, with nothing to do, but I’ve actually been crazy busy. During June and the first week of July, I was babysitting nearly everyday, I’ve been doing bi-weekly art classes, and last week I went to a sleep-away camp. This week I am doing a volleyball camp thingy in the evenings, and I am leaving for a 10-day trip to the beach on Friday. And when I’m not doing these things, I’m at the pool… So basically, I’m living the life, but I haven’t had time to post anything. 😦
I also recently got a new camera, a Canon t4i, which took a lot of babysitting to save up for lol.
Here are some photos I’ve been taking recently.






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