Shorts palooza

As I informed you the other day, recently several pairs of shorts came into my possession. You have already had the pleasure in seeing me in one of the pairs of shorts, now here is yet another pair. They are also from Forever 21… I may be in love with that store, I don’t really know. Besides F21, my other love is printed shorts.

*whispers* “We are having an affair, and you mustn’t tell” 

Anyways, the top is also from Forever 21(yep. I have a problem), and under it I am wearing a cami from who knows where (It’s from Aeropostale. I said who knows where so you wouldn’t judge me).

The shoes are thrifted, but I believe the brand is xhiliration (Target???). Also, these are the best shoes ever. They are purple “suede” and have pointed toes and these weird zipper details that aren’t really zippers and don’t really look like zippers and just ugh they’re so gorgeous. But really, they are pretty cool. 

I am going to leave you with my fabulosity. Do with it as you wish. 


^^^dat a$$

just kidding.

Ok, now that all of you are probably confused at my pathetic sense of humor, adios. 



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