Guess who I am????

Hi everyone!
I just filmed a Cara Delevinge tutorial, and I will edit and post it sometime soon-hopefully before this weekend…
In other news, I am on spring break.
Spring break is essentially the best thing ever because right when you’re starting to really, really, really despise everyone and everything, you get be alone for a week and a half.
It was my luck, however, that out of nowhere, frozen water in geometric formations fell from the sky on Sunday night and I was off on Monday.
Of course, every single time this winter it was predicted to snow like 5 inches, it rained, and then when nothing was supposed to happen I wake up in a winter wonderland. Unfortunately for me, it didn’t really snow until around 6:30, and I had waken up at six to take a nice, hot shower before school.
Then I got a text saying we had off, and I dragged myself and my soaking wet hair back to bed, where I remained until about ten A.M. I then remembered I still had work to do, but I simply ignored that little nugget of mental thought and went sledding. Of course, the sledding sucked due to the fact that the snow was weird and clumpy (I’m America’s Next Top Meteorologist) and I instead made a snow bunny with some friends. It’s like a snow man, but seasonally appropriate.
So basically, long (not really) story short, I had one less day this week and I am now on break as of yesterday.

Now I must go to wash off all this makeup.

Happy (almost) Easter, Passover, spring equinox, and whatever else you people celebrate.
P.S. follow my Instagram for this blog, @imagineastylishworld

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