Things that make me happy

I realized you all don’t know that much about me, so here’s a list of things that make me happy.
What makes you happy? Share in the comments below!
By the way, most of these are food. Yeah.

Marchesa dresses (not that I own any bc poor and unfamous, but they’re pretty, alright)
Roller coasters
Kettle corn
The way that sand feels when it’s between your toes and then a wave comes
Perfectly shaped snowflakes
Shoes that I will never wear and don’t need
One direction
One direction’s faces
Clinique chubby sticks – I have the one in two ton tomato and I’ve had it for like 3 weeks and I’ve already used a ton of it, oops
The word fab
The beach
Jumping off a diving board
Spring break. (Haha, it’s pretty obvious I’ve got spring fever)
Vogue magazine
The ads in vogue
The way vogue smells
I like vogue a lot bro
Not carrying a backpack
Those fluffy clouds that look like cotton candy
….Cotton candy
Sharpened pencils
Ice cream
Getting paint all over my hands
Having my makeup neat and organized (idk why but it makes me super happy to see all my nail polishes lined up in color order)
Dancin’ shoes
HAHAH JK I CAN’T DANCE hashtag swaggy
The song Hey There Delilah
The smell of bonfires
Laughing until my stomach hurts

Ok. So yeah. That last one was very tumblr-ish.
I actually don’t really understand tumblr if anyone wants to explain it to me…


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