Last minute Valentine’s Day outfit inspiration!

So, it’s that time of the year again.

Valentine’s day.
In commemoration of this incredibly commercialized holiday (which is actually the feast day of a Catholic saint, , but that’s a different story) I decided to give you fabulous people a bit of Valentine’s day outfit inspiration.
I have four different looks, let me know if you like them! As for my Valentine’s day outfit, I’m wearing leggings and a t-shirt and sitting at home…

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So, it’s that time of the year again.

1. Casually elegant
Casually Elegant
Shirt: Forever 21
Jeans: thrifted (I believe they’re also F21)
Cami: Aeropostale (don’t judge, I had a gift card)
Shoes: Payless
Bracelet: thrifted (but s**t it was .99 cents ;D lol)
This look is great if you and your significant other are doing the whole dinner and a movie thing.

2. Bowling double date (or a sports event or a movie or idk whatever the kids do these days)
Sweatshirt: F21
Jeans: Wet Seal
Shoes: Van Dyke and Bacon um. They’re my school shoes.
Earrings: flea market, I believe they were made by somebody but unfortunately I don’t know who 😦
This look is fab (the word fab makes me laugh lol) if you’re going to do something maybe a bit more active, and potentially in more of a group setting.

3. I don’t know what kinda date you would wear this on, and I wasn’t going to use this picture but I figured I might as well…
Shirt: F21
Skirt: F21
Cami: Aeropostale
Shoes: Filene’s Basement
I get it, I own wayyy too much clothing from Forever 21. This look would be good for going to dinner with friends, or to a Valentine’s day party (do people even have those???).

4. Girl’s night out!
Shirt: JcPenney
Jeans: (guess. go ahead. I dare you.) Forever 21.
Shoes: Payless
I think that this look is good for a GNO, as it’s a bit more fun. I wasn’t sure about the white jeans, but let me know what you think! Throw on a leather jacket and swipe on some pink lipstick and you’re good to go.

Enjoy! What are your Valentine’s Day plans? Let me know in the comments below 🙂
P.S. Everything here is mine, I’m not endorsed.
Also, I put a slideshow in this, let me know if it works!

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