The sin of uggs.


For the purposes of this rant, I mean those awful boots that are made of faux-suede and have rounded toes, not necessarily the brand, because the brand does have some acceptable options. However, I will refer to these boots as Uggs to make our lives easier. 

Now, let’s begin my list of the horrors of ugg boots. 

The word itself is just… ugly. Uggs are the bane of the universe. WHY do people insist on wearing these awful creatures. They SHOULD NEVER EVER BE WORN. Seriously. 
They always look clunky and ugly and just… ugh. I particularly hate the sequined ones. They’re trying to look glamorous except for the fact that the boots are ugly. The furry ones are awful too. They look like toy dogs who are about to defecate on the wearer’s feet. Seriously. Stop wearing them.

Regular uggs are bad too. They get dirty, and look ratchet, for lack of a better word. The “suede” gets all muddy and the boots get crinkled because they provide no support to your feet and your feet slide off of them, causing that hideous creased and falling apart look. WHY do people find that cute. 


For something SO ugly, they cost way too much. A women’s pair of Uggs can go for about $200. That is so wrong. 

And don’t even start with the “Well, they’re really comfortable.” or “It’s worth it because you wear them a lot.” 


I am currently wearing perfectly comfortable oxfords from JcPenney. They don’t have laces (hashtag lazylife haha), the pleather stuff is ridiculously soft and fitted to my feet, they provide support for my feet, the tongue of the shoe STRETCHES, and they only cost about $15. These aren’t even my favorite shoes. 

Why are uggs even socially acceptable? They’re glorified $200 slippers. It’s true, and you know it. 

Anyways, the point is, stop wearing Uggs. Stop wearing them with skinny jeans and north face jackets, stop wearing them with PINK yoga pants, stop wearing them with aeropostale anything, just STOP WEARING THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE RIDICULOUSLY UGLY. 

I hope that this post makes the world a slightly more Ugg-free place. 

P.S. the brand Ugg makes some nice shoes. Unfortunately, most people buy these horrible boots instead of an acceptable pair of shoes.

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