Holiday Makeup

Happy 12/12/12!
Guess what’s soon…
AND IT’S HANUKAH RIGHT NOW! (Correct me if I’m wrong…)
And whatever the heck else you people celebrate this time of year.
Anyways, my point is, I’m sure you have parties to go to.
I am here to give you some tips for your makeup looks for these parties and events. Here is the first look… More will follow over the next few days.

Look #1: Wine red lip and neutral eye

This is pretty generic Christmas/holiday party makeup. Neutral eye, red lip. I know the lips aren’t a dark wine, they’re more of just a darker red, because I feel that a dark lip isn’t quite as festive as a red lip. However, I went a bit darker to stay on trend. (:
And please forgive my eyebrows. I forgot to put on eyebrow gel before snapping this pic.
So yeah.
New post tomorrow!

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