Pantone Color of the Year 2013!

Pantone released their color of the year 2013!
And it is…

Emerald has been shaping up in fashion since the 2011 Golden Globe Awards where Angelina Jolie, Milan Kunis, and Elisabeth Moss all donned emerald gowns.

photo from

Emerald has gathered steam this fall when it showed up all over the runways and in ready-to-wear fashion.

At Giambattista Valli

I showed you all earlier in the fall my emerald green Butter LONDON nail polish, in the color British Racing Green.

A couple of weeks ago, I posted this inspiration board with a fun emerald dress!
br />
I would wear emerald in the form of velvet, a dress, shoes, makeup, accessories, and so on! That’s one of the great things about emerald: it’s super versatile and can be worn in nearly any way.
So, go green!
Emerald, that is.


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