Inspiring Blogger Award

I was nominated for my very first blog award!!! Woot!
Thanks soooooo much to The Baroque Fashionista for nominating me!
Ok, so I guess I have to tell you 7 things about myself.
1. I love One Direction. I know, I have never been one to fall victim to the teen heartthrobs, but these five British and Irish boys just make my little teenage heart flutter ok. Lol
2. My favorite foods are pizza and ice cream. I’m like a freaking 3 year old, haha.
3. Elie Saab dresses are my absolute favorite things. He is such a fabulous designer, and his gowns are so beautiful!
4. I’m a shoe girl. Some ladies prefer purses, but I lean towards shoes,
Strongly lean towards shoes.
5. I want to be a lawyer. šŸ™‚
6. I love decorating and crafting and stuff.
7. I really love drawing!

Now, 15 bloggers I am nominating for this award! Please check out their fabulous blogs!
1. If I Were Artemis
2. Brazen Beauty
3. Nicole’s Beauty Blog
4. Over My Styled Body
5. The Musings of a Skin Care Fanatic
6. Mostly Sunny
7. Self Professed Product Obsessed
8. Two Lacquered Girls
9. Just Wore This
10. Random Beauty Thing
11. Thrifty Chic and Beauty Tips
12. Forty Flirty and Fabulous
13.The Brunette Salad
14. The Musings of a Skin Care Fanatic
15. Work Play Polish

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