As many of you probably know, this time of year is homecoming season for high schoolers all across the US. In case you don’t know what homecoming is, it’s basically a day where a high school will have football games and other sports games, and at night there is a semi-formal dance.
I go to an all-girls school, so my school has a dance that occurs in the fall, but it isn’t called homecoming, they just call it something else, because the whole point of homecoming celebrations is the football game. However, all of the all-boys schools have homecomings…
Anyways, I just wanna share with you my two looks from the two different homecoming dances I attended. I actually was asked to another one, but that hasn’t happened yet so I don’t have any pics.

For this one my dress was from Macy’s, my shoes from Rack Room Shoes (you can’t see them, but they are gray satin with a peep toe and a gray satin rosette. I got my hair done, it was a braid around my head into a side bun, and my nails were a gray color from Forever 21 with an OPI glitter polish on top.
My makeup at this dance was a taupe smoky eye with black eyeliner and mascara, and on my lips I am wearing the pink Maybelline Baby Lips.

At this dance I am wearing a black baby doll dress from Forever 21 with nude sandals.
My makeup at this dance was a black cat eye with emerald liner on my lower waterline.

~Kat šŸ™‚

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