My favorite clothing that I own!

So. My clothes…
Here’s my top 6 favs!
Just a note: all of my clothes pictured are way more colorful. And less fat looking. Idk why they showed up in the pics all grayish and wide. :/ Also, I didn’t show you guys my trendiest articles of clothing, I just chose the things that are always there for me in a fashion crisis.

1. That dress.
This dress is super super super versatile, and I look great in it. Because of the high waist and slightly above the knee length, it makes my legs look SUPER long, especially when paired within tan colored heels.


2. This shirt.
I talked about I earlier I think. This shirt is my go-to for anything where I have no idea what to wear. It doesn’t require a certain bra, I don’t need an undershirt, and it can be both casual or dressy. I have worn it to both a dance and the park. That’s multitasking!


3. These jeans.
Basic black skinnies, appropriate for most occasions, are the greatest thing since the wrap dress. I can swear them with heels and a dressy shirt for a nice occasion, or with a tee and sneaks for a sports event.


4. My blouse.
What a lovely turquoise button-up peasant blouse! This is more of a dressy item, but it’s still super pretty. 🙂


5. This here ruffled skirt!
This skirt is good for slightly dressy occasions, or just when I’m feeling a bit girly.


6. My Peter-pan collar top
I love this thing. It’s al chic, yet comfortable and versatile. You may have noticed I’m all about versatility.


This was really hard, just so you know. I love all of my clothes, so I really just had to decide what was really the best. Hope you enjoyed this post! And if you didn’t, you can laugh at how wide my clothes look for no apparent reason other than a funky iPod camera….


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