Eye shadow and eye color

The color of your eye shadow can be used to your advantage to bring out the color of your eyes by using the basics of the color wheel. Complimentary colors, which are colors that are opposite from each other on the color wheel, cause the color of one another look brighter, and therefore can be used to make the color of your eyes stand out.
The three main sets of complimentary colors are:
Red, green
Blue, orange
Yellow, purple
Note how they are opposite from each other on the color wheels below.


You can use this to your advantage by wearing eye shadow colors that make the color of your eyes stand out in one way or another.
My eyes are hazel, and depending on the clothes and makeup I wear, they look either more brown or green. I personally prefer the green, so I can use the eye shadow colors I wear to my advantage to make my eyes appear more green.
To demonstrate this, I photographed myself wearing several different colors of eyeshadow with out any other makeup on, so those colors wouldn’t influence the look. So in the pics below, I only have on eyeshadow.

Wearing a light brown shadow:


Wearing a pale pink shadow:


Wearing a pale green shadow:


Wearing a copper shadow:


Wearing a plum shadow:


Truthfully, it’s not a super duper huge like woah! difference. But it is there, and my eyes look more green up against the warmer colors. This is most obvious with the plum color compared to the green shadow. My eyes look more brown with the green, but more green with the plum. This is because the plum has reddish tones in it, and red is the opposite of green, so it flatters the green in my eyes.
If your eyes are blue, copper will make them sparkle, if your eyes are green, then lavender will look good on them, and people with brown eyes look good in nearly every eyeshadow color! Amber eyes would probably look good with a blue eyeshadow (I’m just guessing, I’ve never seen anyone with amber eyes in blue shadow.) Dark blue or violet eyes should be flattered by yellowish shadows, so like a yellow-orange would look good.

Hope this is helpful!
~Kat 🙂


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