Look what I got!

So while in one of the trendier neighborhoods in Baltimore this evening, I went into a boutique ( Poppy and Stella), where after browsing and realizing I couldn’t get anything with the amount of cash I had on my person, I spotted them. Butter London nail polishes on a little display case on the counter. I looked at them wondering how much they were, and eventually I had to ask the sales lady. She informed me they were $14.
Yeah, I know. It’s a lot. And with tax it’s nearly $15.
But there was this one pink color that I absolutely adored, but with fall coming up I didn’t know if it would be a good idea because it wasn’t exactly seasonally appropriate. And then, the sales lady informed me that they just received new polishes, including some of the new fall 2012 colors! She was kind enough to unwrap them for me so I could see them.
As she showed them to me we had a discussion about the different colors, what was her fave, etc. Then I saw it.
A gorgeous dark emerald green with a slight shimmer. I was willing to fork over the $15 for this one. It’s called British Racing Green, and it actually isn’t a new color, but it’s still totally worth it.
I swatched it as soon as I came home, and it’s not too dark, but it’s not in-your-face green. It has great application and I may not even need a second coat! And an added bonus: Butter London nail polishes are non-toxic, and they were the first company to sell non-toxic nail polish in the USA!
Here it is:



Poppy and Stella is one of few stores in the Baltimore metropolitan area to offer Butter London nail polish, so if you live around here, check them out!
~Kat đŸ™‚

*I am not endorsed in any way by any of the brands or businesses above*


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