Makeup inspired by Viktoria Komova

Last night, I was watching the Women’s All-Around Gymnastics Final in the Olympics, I saw a close up of Rusia’s Viktoria Komova. Her makeup looked great! She had on a subtle blue shadow with a darkish blue liner that was stronger in the corners. Anyways, I loved it. So today I set out to create my own version of the look.


I decided to try this look because she has a similar eye color as me (hazel). I have a feeling this would be hard to pull off with blue eyes, but I might be wrong. I wore this during the day, so I went lighter with the shadow and liner than she did.
First I lined the outer 2/3 of my upper lash line with navy/dark blue eyeliner. Then I lined my lower waterline with the navy liner, being sure to make the line stronger at the outer corner. Then I used a blue powder eyeshadow and very gently layered it on the liner on my upper lash line, smudging it slightly in the outer corners. Viktoria also had the shadow on her lower lash line, but I wore this during the day, so I skipped this step.
Then I applied black eyeshadow. I should’ve put some white shadow in the inner corner to bring light into my eyes, but I forgot 😦
Here’s my look!


Anyways… Have a nice day!
Love, Kat 🙂

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