Going for the gold

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but in recent fashion collections, there’s been some athletic-inspired ensembles put there. And the whole “Midas-touch” thing. And, get this! The Olympic opening ceremony was last night! Coincidence? I think not.
So, in light of these events, let’s learn some fun ways to make shiny, sporty style work for us.

Cool Kicks
This was the topic of my last post, but let’s explore some more ways to wear the sneaks trend.
Wear neutral sneakers with colorful scalloped shorts!

Keeping in touch with the gold trend, pair some “gold” sneakers with a cute floral skirt and a leather jacket!
gold sneakers
floral skirt
leather jacket

Or, pair some colorful kicks with a graphic print dress and some gold earrings.
printed dress
Puma sneakers
gold earrings

Track Suits
I personally wouldn’t wear both pieces of a 2 piece track suit together (or one in velour with “sexy” on the butt), but I would wear a track suit jacket with other clothes like some colored jeans.

track jacket
red jeans

Tennis Skirts
Pair a white tennis-style skirt with a geometric printed knit top, or wear white head-to-toe (another summer trend).

white tennis skirt

color block top

white peplum top

xoxo Kat

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