My Independence Day Makeup

So, it’s kinda late for this if you love on the east coast, but if you live in California and you’re looking for last-minute ideas, you’ve come to the right blog!
In continuing my fourth of July series, I’m going to show you my makeup look that I wore tonight. I thought that a kinda retro look would be good, so I did a cat-eye with black eyeliner. Here’s a short how-to on my look.
Need: black eyeliner, black liquid liner, shimmery eyeshadow (I used light pink).
Step 1: do the cat-eye. Using an angled brush, or, if you’re brave just the liner, draw a line on your lid right against your lash line and sweep it out a bit past the end of your eye.

Step 2: go over it with liquid liner.
Step 3: line your bottom waterline with black eyeliner.
Step 4: dust a shimmery shade across your lid (but don’t get it on the cat-eye liner) and a bit in the inner corners of your eyes to make them look bigger.
Step 5: apply your fave mascara and you’re ready to go!



If desired, wear a red or hot pink (pink is more trendy, but red is classic) lip color to finalize the retro Americana theme.
xoxo Kat


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