Happy Fourth of July!

Today is the Fourth of July, the United States Independence Day (in case you didn’t know). A lot of people celebrate by going to parties, barbecues, etc. Of course, one wants to look patriotic, but you don’t want to look silly. Today I am going to bring you a series on stylish patriotism!
First off, you need to know what to wear! You don’t need to go out and buy stuff for this occasion unless you really, really want to. I suggest that instead of going all out red, white, and blue you stick to two out of the three colors and use the third for an accent. And denim jeans, shorts, or skirts are great for the 4th! For example, one could wear light wash denim cutoff shirts (it’s hot out!) with a white button up and red sandals. Great barbecue or casual party outfit.

Light wash River Island shorts

Light wash River Island boyfriend shorts

Forever 21 white button-up

Sundance red sandals
Later I’ll be bringing you tips for a slightly fancier outfit, yet another casual outfit, a DIY flag themed manicure, and the makeup to tie it all together!
xoxo Kat


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