Flea Market Finds!

Today I went to a flea market in the park right up my street. It’s really fun, and I found some AWESOME stuff.
Like this bracelet for $1 with wooden beads with Chinese (it is Chinese, I checked) characters on them.

Or these Michael Kors heels that retail for $139 on QVC? $15, great condition!

Also, this fabulous J.Crew dress, retailing for $250.
I got it for…. Drum roll please….


Sorry for crappy iPhone pics. Everything looks WAY better in person.
Anyways, flea markets and Goodwill type places are a blast, because you can get designer clothes for way less!
xoxo Kat 🙂

3 thoughts on “Flea Market Finds!

  1. Wow! You got lucky on the Michael Kors heels! Great find! I love Goodwill!! I found an authentic Juicy Couture purse in great condition and got it for $3! I just love the joy that is inside you when you find steals like that…hehe 🙂

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