Pear shape!

Hello ladies and gentlemen!
Today I here with my tips on how to dress a pear shaped body. A pear shaped woman has wider hips than bust. Therefore, certain its will flatter you more.
All body types are beautiful, but the packaging should help to make your assets look even better. 😉
In order to help balance out the hips and bust, pear shaped woman should avoid wearing light-colored, bright colored, printed, or otherwise attention grabbing pants, shorts, skirts, whatever. Wear your flashy (even just basic light colors) on the top.
Darker colors such as navy, black, and brown will flatter for bottoms. It’s ok to wear light-colored bottoms, but your top should be the center of attention. This doesn’t mean it has to be flashy, but if you’re wearing khakis, wear a pink or blue or otherwise colorful top.

*note: with jeans, opt for flared/boot cut. Find a classy, dressy pair in a dark wash. Between the flare and the dark wash, these will flatter the pear-shaped woman.*





Good luck!
xoxo Kat


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