Maybe I’m just a makeup virgin…

Ok, so maybe I’m just a makeup virgin, but last week, I learned this great way to put on pencil eyeliner more precisely. You see (no pun intended), I’m farsighted in one eye and nearsighted in the other (lol I don’t wear my glasses because it balances itself out) and in my eye that can’t see up close, putting on eyeliner on my top lash line is impossible.
However, I figured put how to make my life easier with this little trick I learned through some experimentation.
You take the eyeliner (I used the Sephora Nano in Midnight Black 01, which I love btw) and an eyeliner brush (I’m using the bamboo ones from Claire’s)

Sorry for crappy iPhone pics…
Then, you take your eyeliner brush and basically rub it (idk if that describes it right) on the eyeliner until your brush is loaded up with some eyeliner, and then put it on like you would with the cream/gel eyeliner in a little pot except easier.
Btw, this is nice because it’s really easy to control how much you put on, but beware, you can mess it up during application by holding the bush so the broad side is on your eyelid.
Voila! All done!
I do not endorse any products. No one knows about my little corner of Internet, so yeah, I didn’t get told to do this.
Loveeeee xoxoxo Kat
I love you all extra today for some reason ❤

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