Simple and no mess hair color!

Happy Easter!
Today I have a tutorial on how to temporarily get colorful streaks in your hair at home without dyes, sprays, or a giant mess!


To color your hair, you need:

• chalk pastels (they sell these at art abd craft supply stores, probably other places too, they’re like sidewalk chalk but more colorful and smaller)
• a straightening or curling iron (whichever you want, I used a straightener)
• water!

1. Wet hair you want to “dye.”
2. Take a chalk pastel in your desired color and wet it.
3. Using the the chalk pastel, color the wet hair, top and bottom.
4. Take your heat styling tool (yes, while your hair is wet) and run it over the colored section.
5. You’re done! When you want to take it out, simply wash your hair as usual with shampoo and conditioner.

I don’t suggest brushing the section or touching it too much because it does rub out. So, I also suggest washing it out before bed, unless you want to ruin your pillow case…
This is great for sports events! (and my spring break!!! Woot woot!)
Xoxo Kat


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