Hello, my friends in the blogosphere! I come in peace.
Well, I’ve been good, I hope you all have too! Today is my first day of spring break, and I’m going to the BEACH! next week. So, my next post will be about beach wear and swimsuits and all that fun stuff.
Anyways, I’m looking for ways to get more followers. My goal is fifty by the end of April! 🙂 And, I came up with a plan:
If you mention me on your blog, I’ll mention you on mine, and recommend my blog’s visitors to check you guys out. This way, in the end, everyone wins!
I’m wondering how you guys try to get traffic to your blog?
Any tips? Please feel free to share below. 🙂

For now, enjoy some t-strap heels, which are great for this spring/summer. I’m wearing mine (pink!) for Easter celebrations this Sunday, and probably graduation ceremonies.

Sergio Rossi Pacific Suede G


Those are super expensive, so I wouldn’t buy them, but they’re definite eye candy.

Michael Antonio Treacy Pink Rep Pu


These are def less, $49.99.Not great, but doable, and they’re über cute. Yep, that’s right, über.

Hah, xoxo Kat

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