Ombré nails

Ombré nails are a huge trend in the great world of nail art. Today, I’m going to give you guys a how-to on two different kinds of ombré nails.
The first one is simple, but if you don’t have the right nail polish, it can be expensive.


For that look you simply use five different nail polishes in different shades of the SAME COLOR!, and paint each nail gradually going from darkest to lightest, with either the pinky or the thumb as the darkest.

The second look requires less materials, but is harder to do. The look is gradient (ombré) on each individual nail. You can either have the darkest shade on the end, or base, of the nail. I have it on the end, as it is easier to do. You need 3 (or 4) nail polishes in different shades of the same color and a clear polish. For this look, they don’t have to be exactly the same color.
1. Paint about halfway up your nail from the cuticle with the lightest color. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just get the base colored. (you do not have to let it dry to move on)
2. Being careful not to entirely cover up the previous shade, paint the middle of your nail.
3. As before, don’t let the previous step dry, and paint the end of the nail your darkest color. And, if you have 4 shades, paint the VERY TIP ONLY with the 4th darkest shade.
4. Let it dry until it is somewhat gummy (not completely dry, but not wet either). From the BASE (I learned this the hard way) of the nail, paint the clear coat over the nail, dragging the colors gently towards the tip (not too hard, that ruins it).
5. Repeat on all nails, and voila! You’re done!



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