Seeing Red

Seeing Red

Red. It’s the color that many people are scared of, and afraid they can’t pull it off. Whether it be lipstick or sweaters, many women are not at ease in red. And, guess what? It’s not that YOU can’t pull it off. It’s the red that can’t.
Depending on the undertone of your skin, certain shades of red are better for you. The easiest way to determine this is to stand in bright, NATURAL (sunlight) light, and to look at your veins and your skin. If your veins appear more greenish, orange-reds are better for you. If your veins appear more bluish, then bluish-reds are better for you. Or, look at your skin itself. If you see undertones of yellow or orange, you’re warm-toned (orange-reds). If you have undertones of pink or blue, you’re cool-toned (bluish-reds). Or, try on two different lipsticks, one bluish-red, the other orange-red, and decide which looks better. The correct one should make your teeth look whiter and your skin brighter than the other.
Warning!: This season, Tangerine Tango, an orange color, is very popular. Along with it are more orange-reds than bluish-reds. If you’re a warm-toned gal, like me, than hurray! If not, beware, and make sure that the red items you buy are bluish-red, not orange.

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