The 60/30/10 rule

Once upon a time, a very stylish grandma of mine told me about a very important design concept: the 60/30/10 rule. This means that in design (fashion, graphic design, interior design), the color scheme should be 60% one color, 30% another, and 10% another. Obviously, this cam be stretched a bit, but the concept is that we don’t end up monotone or clashing. One can wear multiple colors together, but you have to keep the balance. Here’s a good example:


This outfit is 60% yellow, 30% off-white, and 10% silver accents on thd buttons and purse. Although it probably has more than 30% off-white, we will call it the 30% color because the yellow is the main color (white is a neutral).
Does this make sense? Comments pls! 🙂
Xoxo Kat

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