The Shopping Chronicles

So I went mall-crawling this evening with my friend. For once, I actually had some cash of my own, and I was feeling like trying on some clothes! First, we checked out Forever 21. On my list of things I’ve been looking for that fit certain trends were:
Fringed anything
Palazzo pants
And that was kinda it for tonight.
Well, I totally failed. After a LOT of searching, my friend finally saw some palazzo pants. I found a pair in black and a pair in cheetah print, grabbed some tops, and went to go try it all on. First, I tried on the black ones. The layer underneath went all the way from the waist to the ankle, and the sheer layer was relatively opaque, or at least lay close to the under layer. However, they had the desired swooshy effect! I paired them with a beige-ish cream-ish sleeveless top that was slightly ruched and had a beaded neckline. So cute! The outfit was really cute, except the pants were wayyyyyyy too long for me. And, they were a small. -_- They would’ve still grazed the floor with five inch heels on. So, then I moved on to the cheetah print palazzos. Do I need say more? They looked like pajama pants. If the print had been more washed out and subdued, it could have been successful, but it was REALLY bold. In the bad way. And, I couldn’t find any tops which would work. As for the fringed anything, I’ll save it for next time. So, as much as I love that store, no luck today.
Then I got some nail polish from Claire’s, and ate my dinner. After my pizza, we went to Wet Seal, where I got just a basic red sweater and a blouse with a crocheted back cut-out. They were on sale. 🙂 So, as for today, nothing new or super trendy, but I did score some basics which will work well for my winter to spring to summer transition.
xoxo Kat

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