Spring Trends to try…

Ah, spring! Yessss, finally it’s here! I get way to excited about spring and summer, btw. So, what trends should you try this spring? And, forgive me if some are stupid. I’m adamant they will be considered stylish someday soon.
•palazzo pants, especially pleated ones
•velvet-maybe not until fall, but keep it in mind
•headscarves-yes, I know, I know. Everyone thinks they can’t pull it off. But, quite frankly, most people can. Search the interwebs (lol that’s funny-sounding) for inspiration, and take the dive!
•leather-wear a leather jacket over your spring dress, or even dare to wear leather shorts with a floral top.. Maybe a leather DRESS?!
•Mod style-search for images of 1960’s clothing, and it’s pretty similar to that of today. So, don a shift dress (maybe leather…Mwahaha) and your bright colors and multiple prints! Just not all at the same time.

So, spend spring in style. Say that 10 times fast.
Xoxo Kat

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